RICK AND MORTY’s Wrangler Joke Inspires Clothing Line

A joke about Wrangler denim in the season four finale of Rick and Morty is now leading to a true collaboration between the popular Adult Swim series and the iconic apparel brand. Starting November 10, the Wrangler x Rick and Morty Collection will be available on Wrangler.com. Prices range from $29 to $79. You can check out images of these exciting new items below:

Rick and Morty t-shirt


The Wrangler brand has always embraced pop culture, and when the brand was organically mentioned in the season four finale of Rick & Morty with an NX5 Planet Remover laser that was fictionally “sponsored by Wrangler,” the collaboration felt like a natural next step for the brands. The unisex collection is a direct play on the finale episode and features a custom designed lasered denim jacket, as well as a t-shirt featuring custom hand-painted artwork of the NX5 laser featured in the finale, designed for this collaboration by the Rick and Morty creative team.

RICK AND MORTY Wrangler References Inspires Clothing Line_2


In a statement, Wrangler’s Holly Wheeler said, “We loved the tongue-in-cheek joke since lasers are actually a big part of our denim production—from digital wash applications to onsite customer customization with our nano-laser. The collaboration was a fun and natural way for us to do something authentic with our brand that joins in on the joke.”

This is hardly the first time a Rick and Morty reference ended up inspiring real world commerce. Remember how back in 2017, a joke about Rick looking for McDonald’s long gone Mulan-inspired Szechuan sauce actually led to McDonald’s bringing the sauce back after nineteen years? And how there were lines around the block just to get into your local McDonald’s establishment? Such is the commercial power of Rick and Morty. If I were any brand name in America, I’d want the Rick and Morty seal of approval too!

Featured Image: Wrangler

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