RICK AND MORTY Returns in Time-Bending New Anime Short

We have no idea when Rick and Morty will return with new episodes. Based on the last couple of seasons, we know it could literally be years. But that doesn’t mean we have to wait for season five to get a new adventure from the smartest man in the universe. Adult Swim has released another original short for the show done in an entirely different animation style. “Rick and Morty vs. Genocider” is the latest anime tale for our favorite grandfather and grandson duo.

It’s a confusing, sci-fi heavy, time-bending story full of death and destruction that will require an immediate re-watch. It’s also one of Rick and Morty‘s most touching installments ever.

Produced by Sola Entertainment and animated at Telecom Animation Film, the eight-minute “Rick and Morty vs. Genocider” was directed by Tower of God‘s Takashi Sano. The short’s official synopsis is just a slight understatement in terms of a description: “Morty goes on an adventure to Tokyo, Japan to try and help stop ‘The Genocider.’ Nothing weird happens.”

And of course by “nothing” they mean the entire thing is super weird. Starting at what appears to be the Citadel of Ricks, the short involves a mystery, betrayal, a monster Rick clone, “Super Rick,” and Rick C137 outsmarting everyone to pull off his ultimate plan. What his ultimate plan actually is, though, is not exactly clear. It appears all of his actions, going back to when Morty was born, have all been done in the name of protecting his own time and reality from a Morty who might be Evil Morty, head of the Citadel.

RICK AND MORTY Returns in Time-Bending New Anime Short_1Adult Swim

This isn’t the first anime-style short for the show. Earlier this year Adult Swim released a gorgeous  Lone Wolf and Cub homage. But that was much more straight forward. And it didn’t seem to be as connected to the canon and continuity of Rick and Morty the way this new short is. This isn’t just cool, it feels important. That’s why, along with its complicated timeline, it’s an immediate re-watch. Because despite only being eight minutes long it’s as dense as the show’s most confusing episodes and as emotional as it’s most touching ones.

This might be the first time we’re glad we have to wait for new regular episodes. We need some time to think about what we just watched.

Featured Image: Adult Swim

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