RICK AND MORTY Drops Season 6 Teaser, Wormageddon, and More!

It feels like Adult Swim’s Rick and Morty is always making us wait. We know tons of episodes are coming, but the space in between drops is agonizing. What next will befall sociopathic genius Rick Sanchez and his ever-put-upon grandson Morty? What adventures do they have now that the Citadel of Ricks is no more? Oh, also remember how we know Rick’s official backstory now? Will that backstory resolve? Or will they just drop it? We just don’t know! What we do know, however, is Rick and Morty season six will premiere September 4, as evidenced by this new “extended” teaser. And something called “Wormageddon” is heading our way.

This teaser really doesn’t show us anything, but gives a few snippets of what happened in season five. We have just under a month and we still don’t know anything!

Well, one thing we know is that the Rick and Morty team are great with viral marketing campaign. Dropping alongside the teaser is this curious 15-second video called “A Citadel Secret” showing an egg in a cryogenic tube.

The official website, rickandmorty.com, features a curious countdown to “Wormageddon,” which could really be anything. The timer will expire at 7:00 a.m. PT on Thursday, August 18. We have to wait and see what that’s all about.

So far, we’ve also been given a full Rick and Morty season six trailer and a second Wormageddon teaser titled “Journey to Earth.” In the teaser, we see the egg hurtle through space in a destructive journey. This journey concludes with it finding its way to… you guessed it, Earth. And then it hatches… uh, oh.

What exactly Wormageddon is has now been revealed. And no, it’s not a Rick and Morty version of the old 1999 turn-based strategy game Worms Armageddon which I played in college on my neighbor’s old Sega Dreamcast. It’s a treasure hunt. According to the official Rick and Morty site, if you participate in Wormageddon, you’ll take part in “a global treasure hunt and… living episode of Rick and Morty. Solve clues to find nine hidden locations and claim a life-size golden Rick head.”

How exactly you solve clues and find locations isn’t yet totally clear. But you can keep your eye on this website if you want to participate. Evidently, five locations will be revealed to the world. And then you can help your favorite character defeat space worms. So, if you can figure out how to play, more power to you.

Rick and Morty shout at a screen that says Spoiler on it in the extended teaser for Rick and Morty season 6. Wormageddon is heading our way.
Adult Swim

In any case, if there’s one thing we can always count on with Rick and Morty it’s to keep us all guessing. We are beyond ready for more nihilistic absurdity when the show’s sixth season premieres on September 4, 2022.

Kyle Anderson is the Senior Editor for Nerdist. You can find his film and TV reviews here. Follow him on Instagram and Letterboxd.

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