RICK AND MORTY Promo Teases Christopher Lloyd as Live-Action Rick

Great Scott! It’s finally happening. We think.  Rick and Morty just teased its first-ever live-action version of the characters. And the show could not have picked a more fitting performer to play the mad scientist. Adult Swim knew the only man to play Rick Sanchez in the flesh is the same man who helped inspire the character and the show: Back to the Future‘s Christopher Lloyd.

Ooooooo weeeee is this exciting! Adult Swim’s unexpected—and totally unexplained—teaser features the legendary Lloyd as the smartest man in the infinite multiverse. He’s joined by IT‘s Jaeden Martell as Morty. The two step out of a portal into a real world version of Rick’s garage. “Morty, we’re home,” says a gassy Rick.

“Aww geez” replies a nervous Morty. He’s clearly not as thrilled about this development as his grandpa is. But Rick’s not nearly as thrilled as we are. What is this a teaser for? The upcoming one-hour season five finale? The show has never done a one-hour special before. Introducing a live-action Rick and Morty would definitely be special enough to earn a extra long episode. Or could this simply be a promo for another special short Adult Swim has planned? The series has released a number of them in the past. This might be the latest (and possibly greatest) one yet?

Christopher Lloyd and Jaeden Martell as live-action Rick and Morty

Adult Swim

(Even if this ends up being a commercial it’s still going to be cool. And still canon. Rick and Morty exist in an infinite multiverse. Everything they do is canon.)

What we do know is that Lloyd’s Rick is not the same Rick from the show. Show Rick is C-137. Lloyd is C-132. The fact the two are so close in classification certainly seems important. But exactly why remains to be seen—and we can’t wait. Doc Brown and Marty McFly inspired the creation of Rick and Morty. And Christopher Lloyd has long shared his love of the show. This is the perfect way, with perfect casting, to finally introduce live-action versions of the characters.

Now we just need to know what exactly Adult Swim plans to do with them.

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