RICK AND MORTY Karaoke Will Make Quarantine More Squanchy

During normal times karaoke brings people together. Whether it’s inside a crowded bar with strangers or hanging with our friends inside a small room that costs way too much to rent, it’s a silly way to have some fun while pretending we can sing. But these are not normal times obviously – at least not in this universe. Now karaoke takes place at home, as we test the patience of our families and roommates. “Find another song!” they scream, after we perform Hall and Oates “Baby Come Back” in the wrong key yet again. Fortunately, we just found some new tracks to keep our quarantine performances fresh. Adult Swim has released karaoke versions of some of  Rick and Morty‘s best original songs.

The Tiny Rick classic “Help Me I’m Going to Die” is a banger no matter where you sing it.

These pitch-perfect videos truly capture the karaoke experience. Starting with a cheesy synth intro, they feature panning landscapes of Rick and Morty characters and Easter eggs with pop-up text to guide us through the songs.

Adult Swim also shared a video for “The Rick Dance.” Dance moves and Slow Mobius’ Clock Beam not included.

For Bowie and Flight of the Conchords fans you can sing along to “Goodbye Moonmen.” It’s the David Bowie-inspired track originally performed by Jemaine Clement’s gaseous character Fart. It’s also the longest – and grooviest- song released so far.

There’s also a karaoke version of the imaginary memory that resulted in the upbeat “ Summer & Tinkles.” It’s one of the show’s most underrated songs.

Amateur singers can also bring (back) to life “The Small Intestine Song” from the Anatomy Park ride.

If you’re looking for something a little more sentimental, you can choose “Fathers and Daughters.” The Season 3 number is a touching song that compares the relationship between dads and their daughters to having poop stuck in your butt. Which for any other show would sound weird but it’s completely normal for Rick and Morty.

There are lots of other songs from the show we hope Adult Swim will add to the collection. Keep an eye out on t he network’s YouTube page for more.

Would we prefer to sing karaoke at a bar with our friends? Of course. But until we get a portal gun this is a pretty good alternative for this universe.

Featured Image: Adult Swim

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