Retro Crush Lets You Enjoy Tons of Classic Anime for Free

We’re all looking for engaging things to watch at the moment. Luckily for fans of anime everywhere, or viewers who want to get into the rad Japanese animation world but don’t know where to start, there’s a new free streaming app dedicated solely to classic movies and series!

Retro Crush is a new curated video-on-demand service that includes over 100 brilliant anime series and films. There’s plenty to enjoy from hard to find gems like Go Nagai’s Devil Lady all the way through beloved classics like Wicked City, Black Jack: The Movie, and Street Fighter II. The Retro Crush app comes at the perfect time when many of us are finding that we have extra time on our hands to discover new things or enjoy old favorites. 

In a press release today, one of the radical collection’s curators, Will Chao, said, “What makes this channel exciting is its focus on shows that have exhibited an influence on the creation of the current crop of hit anime series.” Chao’s co-curator and head of acquisitions Mary Gibson added, “As a longtime anime devotee, I’m always uncovering classic series that are as fun and exciting as many of my current favorites, and we’re eager to share those shows so that other fans can discover them too.”

Dozens of anime characters mash together in a collage poster.

Retro Crush

We’ve checked out the free app and were impressed by how extensive the collection is, especially just a few days after launch! If we were to recommend a couple of other must watches on the site then make sure that you check out the expansive sci-fi Galaxy Express 999, the visually spectacular Space Adventure Cobra, and the utterly charming Cardcaptor Sakura. Whatever you decide to watch we hope that you enjoy this awesome new service and potentially find something new to love during this weird time!

Feature Image: Retro Crush

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