This Replica of Thor’s Stormbreaker Axe Is Worthy of Asgard

Whoever your favorite MCU character may be, it’s hard to argue that Thor has the greatest weapons of any Avenger. Sure, Captain America has that cool shield. But the God of Thunder has not only his mystical hammer Mjölnir, he also has his impressive axe Stormbreaker. And now, you can have an authentic replica Stormbreaker of your very own. And it’s screen accurate right on down to that Groot-created handle. It looks as if Eitri the dwarf king forged it on Nidavellir himself.

This replica Stormbreaker ax will make you feel like an Asgardian god.


This authentic replica comes from the Etsy shop FunancyDesign (via Geeks are Sexy). And it’ll only set you back $1,130. Yes, that’s a steep price for a battle axe. But honestly, though, it’s worth it to have the best Avengers: Infinity War Thor cosplay ever, right?  You can see several images of this Asgardian beauty down below:

This close up shot of the replica Stormbreaker shows how screen accurate it really is.


According to the official description, this amazing replica is created exactly in accordance with the size of Stormbreaker we see in the MCU films, with a 1:1 ratio. The height of the axe is 131cm/51.57inch. The text and totems are all there. Even the small holes left on the surface of the axe occurring in the casting process are visible as well. All details are showcased in the final product.

The details in the Stormbreaker hammer replica help it look very authentic.


FunancyDesign has a metric ton of other cool MCU replica props in their shop. There’s a fairly screen-accurate version of Captain America’s shield. There’s even an unfinished version of the shield, as seen in Iron Man 2. You can also find Black Widow’s batons, and Doctor Strange’s Eye of Agamotto as a necklace. Several different versions of Iron Man’s helmet also have some amazing reproductions. And, of course, there is also a pretty snappy Infinity Gauntlet (I couldn’t resist the pun, forgive me.)

For more information and photos, be sure to head on over to FunancyDesign.

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