This Thor Cutout Uses Mjölnir as a Windshield Wiper

We’re big fans of Thor here at Nerdist. The lovable God of Thunder is one of the best superheroes of the Marvel age, a literal god from above who blesses us plebs with his sculpted muscles, miraculous hair, and humorous wit. (Or, in the case of Endgame, with his beer belly and beard—and we love that version of Thor just as much.) He’s one of the best and we’re always down for trying to emulate the guy. Because who doesn’t want to be like Thor?

Thor holds Mjolnir in battleDisney

And who doesn’t want a large cutout of Thor on their car? In a video we found via Viral Hog on YouTube, a guy places some Thor art on his car. And it’s not just any Thor art. It was created by his friend, who modeled Thor’s famous hammer Mjölnir into a windshield wiper of sorts. The effect looks like Thor sending his hammer across the windshield and back, clearing off water and debris in the process. It’s pretty dang brilliant!

Yes, it’s a little bit silly. But we’re all about silliness these days. The world feels like a grim place lately, so a little dose of superhero-induced smiling is a nice little distraction. And let’s be real: there’s no way this wouldn’t bring a smile to your face if you saw it on the streets.

The artist in this case comes from East Yorkshire, England, and says in the video’s description that he uses “paper cutouts with real-world objects to create cool interactions and visuals.” The best part? This one doesn’t look too difficult to emulate. We could all use a little more Mjölnir action in our lives, so why not try this out? Just make sure you don’t cause any visual hazards in the process; we don’t need Thor’s hammer to cause any accidents!

Featured Image: Viral Hog

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