New Remote-Controlled Baby Yoda Will Follow You Around

The Child was such a well-guarded secret that Lucasfilm didn’t even have any merchandise ready to go when The Mandalorian premiered. At the time we said we would like to buy “all the Baby Yoda products” we could. It’s a challenge Star Wars has taken to heart and will continue to during the second season. They’re celebrating the return of the live-action series with Mando Mondays. Every week they’ll drop all new merch in a full frontal assault on our wallets. It’s a battle we’re destined to lose. Especially since Lucasfilm is kicking things off with arguably the best product of our favorite little green orphan yet. Mattel‘s new The Child Real Moves Plush is a remote-operated Baby Yoda that will follow you around.


Mattel’s new The Child Real Moves Plush is exactly what we’ve wanted since we first met Baby Yoda. Wearing his signature brown robe and Mandalorian pendant, the 11-inch toy features realistic motions. He can move his little head, ears, and arm (so he can do the “magic hand thingy”). The Yodaling can also do a little shuffle. And he plays authentic sounds from the show.

But what makes this version of the little green tyke special is that he will follow you around thanks to a remote control you can wear on your wrist. It looks like something out of the galaxy far, far away, and will let you feel the love of having Baby Yoda follow you wherever you go.

(EMBARGO: 10/26 10:30AM PT) New Remote-Controlled Baby Yoda Will Follow You Around_1Mattel

Designed for kids ages three and up, the moving Baby Yoda ($69.99) comes with four different play modes. Every purchase also includes a bonus lithograph.

The only downside is that you can only find him at Disney parks and stores. So we might have to wait before we finally get the best version of Baby Yoda merchandise so far, a product that gives us the chance to pretend he loves us as much as we love him.

Featured Image: Mattel

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