New Reese’s Super King Six-Pack Comes With a Foot of Candy

Typically we’d expect to hear “big” candy news before Halloween, not after. We especially don’t expect “giant” candy announcements at the start of November. That’s when everyone still has a stash of sweet treats to enjoy. But the best candy doesn’t abide by the timelines of others. Not when every day is the perfect day to enjoy one. And not when they’re usually the first ones eaten from the trick-or-treating stash. Reese’s has announced a new Super King package of its iconic Peanut Butter Cups. Now you’ll be able to measure how many you eat by the foot.

A 6-pack of Reese's Super King Peanut Butter Cups above a ruler showing it measuring 12 inches
The Hershey Company

Reese’s new royal-sized Super King Peanut Butter Cups packs 12-inches of candy. Literally. Each comes with six individual cups. That measures out to a foot of delicious confections. In a press release the company said, “Now you can savor these beloved cups for yourself and still have enough to share.”

That is technically true but also laughable. Having more Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups has never made us more likely to give them away. If anything, now you can hoard more for yourself. Anyone who wants their own can buy six with one single wrapper. What do they need yours for?

“We’re always looking for ways to give our fans more of what they love – which happens to be more Reese’s,” said Allen Dark, senior manager of Reese’s brand, in a statement. “Reese’s Super King size is our largest, most shareable package of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups yet. Now you don’t need to worry about sneaking your Reese’s cups when your friends are around.”

A 6-pack of Reese's Peanut Butter Cups on an orange table surropunded by household items
The Hershey Company

Again, that just wasn’t a concern of ours. Maybe that was true with former friends, but those closest to us now know the deal.

Reese’s Super King size bars will hit shelves nationwide this month. We suspect the best houses in the neighborhood will give them away next Halloween… by which time we will have already eaten miles of them.

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