New JURASSIC PARK Figures Capture Iconic Dilophosaurus Scene

He’s one of the most instantly unlikable characters in cinema history, and somehow he’s become iconic for just how grating he is. We’re talking about Dennis Nedry, the computer programmer and cause of all the problems in the original Jurassic Park. Played by Wayne Knight, Nedry was a weasely tech nerd working for John Hammond.  Nerdy/Nedry… get it? Yeah. Not so subtle there, Michael Chrichton.

Nedry, of course, tried to sell out his employers for a little quick cash from a competitor, and famously ended up as lunch for a hungry Dilophosaurus. Now, you can capture that iconic moment on your shelf forever with a new pair of action figures from Mattel’s Jurassic Park Amber Collection.

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Mattel Toys

The Dennis Nedry collector’s figure is approximately 6-inches tall, and enshrines his most famous moment in plastic forever. The moment when Nedry tries to run away from the island, but instead winds up with a chance meeting from a pint-sized spitting dinosaur. The figure also includes film-inspired accessories like the Barbasol can which hides the dinosaur DNA vials (in two pieces), and an extra pair of swappable hands allowing him to hold the can. He also comes with an extra swappable head to show Dilophosaurus poison spray on his face. The figure also comes with a display stand.

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Mattel Toys

For even more fun, you can pair this figure with the Jurassic Park Dilophosaurus 6-inch scale figure. This feisty critter comes with a swappable frill for attack mode. You can remove the dino’s head to put on the frill and spit piece. Additional accessories include the East Dock sign with a spinning arrow and a figure display stand. Together with the Dennis Nedry figure, you can take this entire iconic scene which traumatized an entire generation of young moviegoers, and freeze it in amber (see what we did there?).

Both the Dennis Nedry and Dilophosaurus deluxe action figures are now available for pre-order from Entertainment Earth, and will set you back $26.99 for the Nedry figure, and $31.00 for the Dilophosaurus. You don’t want to wait 65 million years to get these.

Featured Image: Universal Pictures

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