Go on a Totally Safe JURASSIC PARK Tour with This Power Wheels Jeep

One thing 2017 did right was gifting us with Radio Flyer’s drivable Star Wars landspeeder. And 2018 is continuing the trend of giving us kid-sized, fully operable versions of vehicles from films with Fisher-Price’s Jurassic Park Power Wheels jeep. Look at this glorious, little tiny Jeep that’s ready to take a spin around the best, only, and most dangerous dinosaur theme park.

Via io9, this replica Jeep–note that it’s number 18, just like the one Dr. Grant, Dr. Malcom, and Dr. Sattler hopped into in the film–comes with all the right decals, lights, and “exciting dino-chase sounds.” I don’t know if I’d call those sounds exciting since the chase is a terrifying scene in the movie, but I like that they’re included. Hopefully you don’t encounter any actual T. rexes because the Jeep’s speed tops out at five miles per hour.

Jump to the gallery below to see the Jeep from more angles. And just imagine putting your kids in their best Dr. Grant, Dr. Malcolm, and Dr. Sattler costumes and sending them out for a drive around the neighborhood’s sidewalks or your backyard. They’ll look ridiculously adorable and they’ll be one hundred percent safe from attacking dinosaurs. If you’re ready to get a pre-order in, you’ll have to be patient. Though it’s currently listed for sale through Walmart Canada, more details from Mattel are forthcoming–probably at Toy Fair in February.

And just imagine: at this rate, a miniature  DeLorean has to be in the works, right?

Would you put this Jeep to the test? It can hold a combined weight limit of 130 lbs. Let us know in the comments.

Images: Fisher-Price

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