Escape It All with the Second Annual Reality Escape Convention

Stretch those puzzling muscles and prepare to get away from it all. Because Room Escape Artist has announced that it’s hosting the second annual Reality Escape Convention (RECON). The virtual event will take place on August 22 and 23, 2021. An online, global event, RECON welcomes everyone to conversations about the escape room and immersive gaming industry. And of course they have virtual activities galore for both players and industry professionals from panel discussions to games. Those two dates have so much going on.

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Escape rooms steadily gained popularity ahead of the pandemic. Many companies and creatives rose to the challenge of taking those kind of experiences virtual in the last year. They’ve refined building stories and nailing immersion even without a physical location and tangible props. Those skills will absolutely play into RECON. Attendees can get a Play Pass that offers exclusive access to three limited-run games from top creators at Trapped Puzzle Rooms, Deadlocked Escape Rooms, and Club Drosselmeyer’s Green Door Labs. And those are on top of other games, first opportunities to play new games, and more. Plus the RECON Play Pass has a discount until June 30 (it costs $50 now and will go up to $65). Basically, it’s a fantastic way to try out different types of virtual escape rooms and see what you like best.

The Play Pass is only one of the types of admission available. The RECON Basic Access pass allows attendees to stream the featured talks and participate in live Q&As. Talks cover a range of topics from tech, how to get started with building immersive environments, marketing, hint systems, and much more. Whether you’re an escape room enthusiast or just learning more about the world and all its possibilities, the talks are ideal for you. The Basic Access pass comes with additional perks as well, including access to the virtual exhibit hall and the RECON Discord.

To learn more and snag tickets, visit RECON’s site. Happy playing!

Featured Image: RECON

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