This Real-Life Batmobile Has 700 Horsepower and Spits Flames

It’s difficult to imagine going an entire lifetime without ever once daydreaming about what it’d be like to cruise around in Batman’s iconic Batmobile. (Although maybe that’s ’cause we’re nerds.) However, for one super-wealthy person, the Batmobile—specifically the one from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice batmobile—is a daily reality. Although while the replica is dope AF and spits fire out of its exhaust, it still probably wouldn’t hold up great against a guided missile.

Supercar Blondie recently posted the above review of this real-life Batmobile to YouTube. Blondie—who isn’t in the person in the video, despite his hair color—posts tons of ridiculous vehicles to her channel. She “hunts down” the world’s coolest cars, including this Lamborghini Vision Turismo. Which, for our money, is the real-life Batmobile we’d take in the case of experiencing ultra-wealth.

A real-life Batmobile that is 99% similar to the one from the Dawn of Justice movie.
Supercar Blondie

In the video, we get a good look at the “99%” replica of the Dawn of Justice Batmobile. It’s unclear where, exactly, the review takes place, although we’re guessing somewhere in Southern California? (Despite the fact the vehicle is only legally drivable in Dubai, it still definitely makes the rounds touring the world over.)

As the host notes, the Batmobile replica consists of carbon fiber and fiberglass parts. For a drivetrain, it has a supercharged Ford F350 Raptor engine, which produces 700 horsepower. This is obviously a lot—almost as much as the 760 horsepower in the current generation Mustang GT500. But still doesn’t match what we’ve seen from electric replica vehicles.

Batman's Real-life Batmobile can shoot flames
Supercar Blondie

Regardless, the real-life Dawn of Justice Batmobile is a beast. The host notes the vehicle’s gigantic rear wheels weigh more than 2,200 pounds alone. And the chassis is so wide the car just barely fits on a flatbed truck. The throaty engine also spits fire out of the rear exhaust, matching the effect of the on-screen version. Although it does seem like most of the buttons in the cockpit don’t do much. For the best, perhaps. We wouldn’t want Batman to get too jealous of this Batmobile.

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