How Strong Would You Need To Be To Wield A Real Monster Hunter Sword?

Super strength doesn’t always have to be quite as showy as the bending of a steel beam or the punching through of a wall. Some exploits in immense strength are hiding in plain sight! Say you were a monster hunter tasked with slaying giant monsters with gargantuan swords. How strong would you really have to be to wield a blade larger than you are? 

In my latest, special extra episode of Because Science, I’ve teamed up with Capcom to craft and calculate what it would take to master one of the most fearsome swords in the recently released Monster Hunter: World. Above, see the dreaded Berserker Sword—made from the fangs, talons, scales, and saliva of fan-favorite monster Deviljho—come to life, as I use an incredible prop to estimate the weights involved and forces required in taming the super swords of our most-loved games.

How Strong Would You Need To Be To Wield A Real Monster Hunter Sword?_1

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Monster Hunter: World is currently available on Xbox One and Ps4, as is Deviljho, so get out there and take him down!