Rainbow Glitter Pizza Is the New Food Trend You Never Knew You Always Wanted

No, it’s not a sparkly cake. It’s pizza, covered in glitter, and it’s exactly the sort of joy-infused food we could use right now.

While the rest of the world burns, a pizza shop in California is bringing happiness in the form of a doughy, glittery, saucy rainbow. DagWoods Pizza in Santa Monica has developed a pizza they call the “MagicalAF,” a margarita-style pie that comes in a rainbow palette, with a unicorn-style glitter topper. The sparkly pizza has caught the attention of celebrities like Holly Madison and Jimmy Kimmel, who featured it on his late night show.

Glitter pizza is just one of many glitter-tinged foods in what is looking like a bona fide trend. It joins glitter cappuccinos, glitter bagels, glitter beer, and even glitter gravy. There isn’t much information on the DagWoods website about the taste or texture of the glitter, or on how that might affect the overall dining experience or quality of the pizza, but as with all trendy foods, that’s hardly the point.

If you live in the Santa Monica area, you can order a MagicalAF straight from the DagWoods website. If you’re not a local, you’ll sadly have to marvel from afar and dream of the day glitter pizza is at a trendy restaurant near you.

Image: DagWoods Pizza

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