Thanksgiving is here, and that means it’s time once again for magical (potentially virtual) gatherings, as well as lots of food stuffed into other food. But for feline lovers, this Thanksgiving could be extra special. Or at least extra hilarious, with the use of a Puking Kitty gravy boat. It’s a piece of porcelain serveware so sleek, you almost forget it’s a culinary metaphor for something that’d usually make you gag.

Laughing Squid reported on the mildly gross gravy boat, which is the brain-kitty of fine glass artist, Ginger Ames. And if the unique Boaty McBarfFace seems familiar to you, that’s probably because this isn’t the first time it’s been available. In fact, Ames was originally inspired by one of Squid’s posts all the way back in 2012.

a photo of a woman pouring gravy out of a porcelain cat's mouth puking kitty
Puking Kitty

As Laughing Squid notes, one of its posts covering a barfing-squirrel gravy boat inspired Ames to make the Puking Kitty. (Apparently Ames made the original model in the image of her rescue cat, Mr. B.) After initially bringing the product to market, however, Ames decided to halt producing the Puking Kitty boats. Despite the fact they sold out quicker than angsty cats ditching people who don’t know how to pet right.

But then, in March of last year, Ames and her husband began to think about making the Puking Kitty available once again. Comedian Bill Maher also referenced the product on his show, Real Time with Bill Maher, which Ames took as a sign that the product did indeed need to be reborn.

Puking Kitty

Now, anyone can purchase a Puking Kitty off Ames’ site for about $37, plus shipping and handling. The Puking Kitty is also available in three different colors, including black, blue, and white. And while they’re not the most intricate items you’ll ever see on a dinner table, they seem like good quality. They certainly pour gravy in perfect puke streams, anyway.

Originally published November 25, 2020.