Are Oreo cookies just not sour enough for you? And are Sour Patch Kids just not sweet enough? Do they leave you thinking, “Yeah, these are good, but where’s the cream and crunch?” At this point, I think you know where this is going. Oreo’s newest limited-edition Sour Patch Kids cookies combine two iconic treats into a single, colorful delicious snack.

A yellow-green pack of Oreo Sour Patch Kids cookies with Sour Patch Kids atop a yellow OREO cookie

The new Oreo Sour Patch Kids variation features “Oreo creme filled with multi-colored sour sugar inclusions.” They are then “sandwiched between two Sour Patch Kids flavored basecakes,” which also have their own “colorful inclusions.” The result is something Oreo describes as sour, sweet, and fully Oreo. Even without trying them our bet is these are a sugary winner. The cookie company believes in this crossover so much it even offers Oreo Sour Patch Kids swag on its website. Clearly they think there’s nothing sour about celebrating a sweet combo.