“Delicious and delectable” aren’t the first things that come to mind when we think of a nuclear wasteland. But that’s because Andrew Rea isn’t a playable character in Fallout. Fortunately he is one of our favorite YouTube chefs, and on his Binging With Babish channel he just whipped up a feast that will have post-apocalyptic ghouls, humans, and mutants alike licking their lips. (Or, at least the area where their lips should still be.)

In Rea’s newest video he serves three Fallout dishes. The wasteland menu includes the Jell-O Cake seen on Prime Video’s show, the Spam-like Cram made from scratch, and Nuka Cola served in a “radioactive” glass.

A giant red, white, and blue Jell-O Cake split with a glowing green glass of Nuka Cola in darkness from Binging With Babish' Fallout video
Binging With Babish

Are these dishes good enough to make living in a dystopian world worth seem like a tasty proposition? Probably not. The giant cockroaches would ruin our appetite no matter what we had for dinner. But we’d definitely like to eat them in our version of America.