Give me a break… give me a break… break off a piece of the KitKat’Chup Bar? Is that catchy? You might get a chance to decide. After a viral trend of dipping KitKat bars in ketchup swept the internet, Heinz and KitKat are getting into the double act.

You can’t buy a KitKat’Chup bar yet… But it feels like it’s only a matter of time. Fascinatingly enough, this isn’t the first time Heinz and ketchup have gotten into the chocolate game.

Heinz and KitKat reveal ketchup flavored kitkat bar KitKat'Chup

Maybe there’s something to it… We guess we could pair them with the Velveeta chocolate truffles or the Miller beer ones. You might be able to find out exactly how you feel about them if you dare Heinz and KitKat to make this ketchup-flavored KitKat bar real. We have to admit the name KitKat’Chup bar is clever.