Cat owners know the last place you want to see your feline friend is on a shelf. That’s the best place for them to mindlessly knock stuff over! But soon you won’t have to worry about one special kitty being up there, because that’s where they’ll belong. LEGO’s new Tuxedo Cat is a stationary pet who won’t do any damage to your other collectibles.

A LEGO Tuxedo cat on a table near a window

The newest LEGO Ideas set is the 1,710-piece Tuxedo Cat ($99.99). Designed for ages 18 and up, this poseable black and white kitten comes with two sets of eyes, yellow and blue. You can also change its expression. But what this set doesn’t include might be the most attractive. As the toy company points out, unlike a real cat this LEGO one means “no shedding, no knocking things down, no litter box.”

To celebrate its new build, LEGO even turned its Twitter account over to the cat itself, much to the delight of the internet.

You will have to wait roughly 60 days before yours ships, though, which is only fitting. Cats love to take their time getting anywhere you actually want them to be.