In 2022 a few lucky Taco Bell customers in Orange County, California got a chance to try a big new experimental culinary crossover. And we do mean big. That’s when the fast food chain briefly added a giant Cheez-It to its menu at one single store. Now, two years later that two week taste test has turned into a nationwide option. Starting today the  Big Cheez-It Crunchwrap Supreme and Big Cheez-It Tostada are available at all Taco Bell locations.

A display of Taco bell food and drink celebrating the Bog Cheez-It Menu
Taco Bell

After teasing its inclusion during its own Apple-style announcement event in February, the Big Cheez-It is really here. Or at least it is for a limited time. Customers across the country can now order a Big Cheez-It Crunchwrap Supreme ($5.49) or a Big Cheez-It Tostada ($3.99). Both items feature a gigantic Cheez-It in the middle. It measures 16 times bigger the size of a normal Cheez-It. 

Taco Bell

If you’re really hungry you can also pick up a Big Cheez-It Box ($8.99). It comes with a Big Cheez-It Crunchwrap Supreme, Beefy 5-Layer Burrito, regular sized Nacho Fries, and a medium drink.  

While the official rollout took place today, some locations have already had these menu items available early. That’s how some customers have discovered you can actually order a Big Cheez-It on its own. It does not appear to be listed as a solo item, so you’ll have to inquire about buying one.

We definitely plan on asking for one when we also order both the Big Cheez-It Crunchwrap Supreme and Big Cheez-It Tostada. Sure, that might be way too much food considering it will mean eating the equivalent of 48 Cheez-Its alone, but again it will only be available for a limited time. We spent two years jealous of people who only got a chance to eat them for two weeks. We will not let this big opportunity pass us by.