Jason Voorhees Extolls The Virtues of Mask Wearing In PSA

In this perilous times for the public health due to COVID-19, the one key thing that helps each and every one of us when going outside in public is wearing a mask. But as we’ve seen thanks to social media….there are still a whole lot of people out there who are just not getting the “wearing a mask saves lives” thing. So how does one reach them? Via the power of pop culture, hopefully.

And there is at least one pop culture icon who is currently stressing the importance of mask wearing to New Yorkers specifically. If you thought “Batman,” you’re wrong. We’re talking about legendary Camp Crystal Lake killer, Jason Voorhees. This hilarious new PSA video finds the iconic Friday the 13th slasher reminding everyone of the importance of masking up during these coronavirus times, which are scarier than any of the horror movies he’s ever starred in.

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The PSA was created by Ogilvy Health and the Chimney Group, who are hoping to use the power of pop culture iconography to spread the message of just how important wearing a mask is right now. Specifically to younger people, many of whom feel invincible when it comes to the virus.

Of course, longtime Friday the 13th fans know that it’s totally fitting and in character for Jason to find himself in the streets of New York. After all, he once did “Take Manhattan”  in part VIII of his movie franchise back in the day. Although one thing the video did get wrong is that it mentioned that Jason “famously” uses a chainsaw. Sorry, but that is Leatherface of Texas Chainsaw Massacre fame that they are talking about. We don’t think Jason would appreciate that level of misrepresentation. (He did use a weed whacker at one point though).

Jason Voorhees knows the value of a mask.

Paramount Pictures

Oh, and if you’re wondering what Jason’s slasher compatriot Michael Myers thinks of the whole wearing masks thing? Luckily, he tweeted out his response:

Nice to see there is solidarity in the messaging among the slasher ranks. Freddy, it’s your move.

Featured Image: Paramount Pictures

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