This Live-Action Jason Event Puts Horror Fans To The Ultimate Survival Test

It’s easy to yell at dumb people in a horror film, but what would you actually do if you were in their shoes? On Pins and Needles is giving fans a chance to test their survival skills against one of the most infamous horror icons of all-time – Jason. The event company is currently hosting F13: Survive Jason, a live-action game that requires participants to solve puzzles and escape the hockey mask wearing killer.

It’s a year-round attraction that moves around, and right now it’s based in the Arizona woods near Flagstaff and Prescott. The interest obviously increases during spooky season and tickets are already sold out for September and October. But November and December dates should be released soon, so Friday the 13th fanatics might want to follow the F13: Survive Jason Facebook page so they can jump on those tickets stat.


There’s a Friday the 13th coming in December, so it might be the perfect time for a little nightmare before Christmas. Of course, this intense adventure is only for adults, which makes sense because a kid would be traumatized for life after one look at Jason in the flesh.

Here’s how it all works. Each event is broken into three 25-minute games that can include up to eight players who try to survive Jason. Or, an especially brave person can face Jason alone if they want to really test their skills. You’ll get to pick up some spare weapons and come up with survival strategies to see if you can make it in the dark.


Will you trip and fall? Or, do you have the skills to be the final person standing? You might be surprised at how good (or awful) you will be in a horror film scenario. In the end, there’s time for fun photo ops and even a chance to enter contests to score free tickets.

A ticket to participate in this Camp Crystal Lake survival challenge: $25. A chance to earn bragging rights by surviving a night against Jason Voorhes? Priceless.

Image Credit: Paramount Pictures

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