Pringles Launching Two More RICK AND MORTY Flavors

Pringles takeover of Rick and Morty is complete. The company, which released special Pickle Rick potato chips earlier this year, has announced two new flavors for their interdimensional crossover. Now fans can create their very own squanchy Rick and Morty triple stack. But only for a limited time.

(Embargo 9/10) Pringles Announces Squanchy New RICK AND MORTY Flavors_1 Kellogg’s

Adult Swim and Pringles have teamed up once more to bring Rick and Morty to your pantry. Two more flavors inspired by Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon’s hit animated series are coming to Walmart this month. You will now be able to pair your Pickle Rick chips with Honey Mustard Morty and Look at Me! I’m Cheddar & Sour Cream.

Honey Mustard Morty, which has a “sweet flavor profile,” comes in a collectible yellow can featuring Morty with a big smile and food on his face. Pringles says the flavor “perfectly embodies Morty Smith’s well-mannered and blissfully ignorant nature, while the slight hint of tanginess reflects the risky adventures he’s unwillingly roped into by his Grandpa Rick.”

Look at Me! I’m Cheddar & Sour Cream is inspired by Mr. Meeseeks. It comes in a light blue can adorned with that most helpful of assistants. But, as Pringles points out, “since existence is pain for a Meeseeks, you better eat these crisps fast.” We doubt that will be a problem.

(Embargo 9/10) Pringles Announces Squanchy New RICK AND MORTY Flavors_2Kellogg’s

“After launching the Pickle Rick crisps for the 2020 Big Game, the response from both fanbases was literally out of this world,” said Gareth Maguire, senior director of marketing for Pringles, in a statement. “The Pringles brand prides itself on pushing fans to find new, creative ways to unlock endless dimensions of flavor. Paired with the standout hit, Pringles Pickle Rick crisps, these snackable, stackable crunchy treats are an absolute must-have for fans.”

Like a Meeseks, the limited-edition potato chips won’t be around for long. Starting this month they’ll be available exclusively at Walmart and on—but only while supplies last. That is, unless you can portal to a dimension where they’re always on sale.

Featured Image: Kellogg’s

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