RICK AND MORTY Pringles Line Will Launch During the Super Bowl

Pringles has announced it will be launching a new line of Special Edition Rick and Morty ‘Pickle Rick’ Pringles during Super Bowl LIV, and the only thing more exciting than getting our tongues on a powdery Pickle Rick-flavored chip is seeing what kind of ad the company has planned for le Big Game. Especially considering the fact that Adult Swim reportedly helped create the ad—whatever that means.

Pringles recently posted the teaser of the incoming Pickle Rick chips to its Twitter account (via Laughing Squid), although nearly zero context was given; except for a date, 2/2, and a reference to Dimension 54. But 2/2 is the date of the next Super Bowl, and AdAge has indeed reported that Pringles is “teaming up with Adult Swim” for a “Rick and Morty-themed spot.” In fact, the Pickle Rick Pringles (that’s a lot of fun to say) are kicking off a year-long partnership between Pringles and Rick and Morty, so there may be other show-inspired flavors coming down the pike. Who else is up for Plumbus-flavored chips sprinkled with dinglebop?

For those unfamiliar with the pickle version of Rick, he appeared in the series’ third episode of its third season. During the episode, Rick turns himself into a pickle while the rest of the family goes to therapy, and he subsequently finds himself on an adventure that can only be described as harrowing and also extraordinarily disgusting. Seriously though, pairing Pickle Rick with food ostensibly makes sense, but watching a pickle-person lick insect brains and decapitate a bunch of snarling rats isn’t the most appetizing imagery in the world. Although these Thanksgiving-flavored Pringles were somewhat divisive, and they managed to sell out fast enough to result in their being listed for $150 on eBay.

Regardless of how the Pickle Rick Pringles actually taste, there’s no question they’re going to sell out in an amount of time that needs to be measured using the Plank length. We all remember how popular the McDonald’s Rick and Morty Szechuan Sauce packets were, and these Pickle Rick Pringles are going to have the awesome power of a Super Bowl ad behind them.

Unfortunately, as mentioned, it’s unclear exactly what role Adult Swim has been playing or will be playing in shaping the commercial, but the fact that neither creators, Roiland nor Harmon, were mentioned anywhere in the announcements for the themed chips probably means they weren’t involved. But still: PICKLE RIIIIIIIIIIIIIIICK SUPER BOWL LIV!!!!


What do you think about these Pick Rick-flavored Pringles? Do you think they’ll be just as sensational as the McDonald’s Rick and Morty Szechuan Sauce packets, or will Pringles produce too many cans to properly mimic the limited supply gimmick? And what, if any, flavors do you think Pringles will launch following the Pickle Rick-flavored ones? Pickle some opinions in the comments!

Feature image: Pringles 

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