Toast to Oktoberfest With New Pretzel Beers

What is the perfect complement to beer? Of course, different people have different answers. But denizens of Oktoberbest will probably tell you, easy, a pretzel! And now, you can have a pretzel and beer at the same time. Yes, a pretzel beer is now available.

Snyder’s of Hanover has partnered with Captain Lawrence Brewing Co. to put a new twist on a favorite pairing. Although typically it’s a soft pretzel that goes with beer, we’ll make an exception for Snyder’s. They do make hard pretzel bites that can’t be beaten. You’re welcome for that craving.

Snyder's of Hanover SnyderBier pretzel beer in two flavors

Campbell Soup Company 

The company shares, “Oktoberfest is the perfect time for pairing pretzels and beer. And this year, we’ve made it easier than ever with SynderBier—the only beer batch brewed with the unofficial snack of Oktoberfest.”

SnyderBier comes in two flavors: Pretzel Märzen and SnyderBier Pretzel Frücht. Pretzel Märzen has a classic, malty flavor. This taste is “elevated by notes of slow-baked Snyder’s of Hanover pretzels. This Oktoberfest-style lager will take you “right to the biergarten tents in Munich.” Honestly, for a whole trip, one beer is a pretty low price to pay! 

The SnyderBier Pretzel Frücht, meanwhile, drinks a little different. This sweet and savory Gose-style beer “puts a refreshing twist on Oktoberfest brews.” Guava, passionfruit, and, of course, Synder’s of Hanover pretzels make the beer sing. Definitely a beer you don’t see every day

SynderBier ad showing two kinds of beers

Half Time Beverage

These pretzel beers are now available for purchase online. You can buy one can, a four-pack, or a case in either flavor. Or you can mixed case or twelve-pack to try both flavors. These beers are also sold at select retail locations, according to FoodBeast.

Naturally, pretzel beers should be paired with… pretzels! Prost (or toast) with a pretzel beer and snack on a pretzel on the side. And maybe a mustard beer, too, if that’s still a thing. October lurks just around the corner, after all!

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