WARHEADS Seltzers & Ales Crack Open ’90s Nostalgia

Looking for another way to recapture ‘90s nostalgia before the summer ends? Well, slip on your jelly sandals, throw on your favorite tunes, and crack open one of Artisanal Brew Works’ Warheads Ales & Hard Seltzers. (Just make sure to feed your Tamagotchi first!)

In mouth-watering news, which we first saw on DesignTAXI and Artisanal Brew Works’ own website, the New York-based brewery has partnered with Warheads’ parent company, Impact Confections, to create a line of candy-based drinks. There are five sour seltzer flavors available to sip: Green Apple, Black Cherry, Watermelon, Blue Raspberry, and Lemon. Lemon, Watermelon, Black Cherry, and Blue Raspberry Sour Ales are also options for beer lovers. 

According to the brewery, the seltzer has a 5-percent ABV and mimics the flavor of the candy. The official description of the drink reads, “The hard candy has three distinct sensory phases – extreme sour, flavor, and sweet. Our Warheads Hard Seltzers seek to match the point when the War

heads candy transitions from the sour phase to the flavor phase.” It sounds like this hard seltzer is a full sensory experience.

According to Food & Wine, Warhead seltzers are also gluten-free, something that isn’t simply a happy accident. “We run a taproom, too,” said the brewery’s co-founder Colin Quinn, “and we’ve had a lot of people come in with our regular customers who are gluten-free. So to offer something that’s not beer, that’s also fun for them, was a consideration.” Well-intentioned and nostalgic? Sign us up!  

Warheads seltzers in Watermon, Lemon, and Black Cherry

Craft Beer Kings

Warheads Ales and Seltzers are available to sample at Artisanal Brew Works’ Saratoga-Springs Taproom. ’90s enthusiasts cans also buy them curbside at the same location. Additionally, the seltzers are now distributed throughout New York, Massachusetts, Southern California, Eastern Pennsylvania, and New Jersey. 

When you take a sip, make sure to make that classic, puckered face as you think back on days gone by

Rotem Rusak is the East Coast News Editor for Nerdist. Her bylines have appeared in The Mary Sue, Screen Rant, Bam Smack Pow, and more. 

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