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Keeping an adventure journal of your D&D campaign is a vital component of playing the game. Many do that through the tried and true method of simply writing notes in a notebook, myself included. But I often wish I could draw, at least on a basic level, and be able to capture some in-game moments in art form. If this is something that you have also wished you could do, then you may be as interested as I am to know about Your D&D Stories.

Your D&D Stories is a comic art Patreon project that takes moments from your D&D encounters and captures them in humorous drawings. Your D&D Stories is from the mind of cartoonist Andy Stuart, aka Noob the Loser, an artist with the College Humor website, who is also known for two D&D themed webcomics, Murder Brothers and Elf & Warrior. Stuart also draws the popular Behind the GIFs webcomic with cartoonist Kat Swenski over at Webtoon.

Stuart has been creating Your D&D Stories since may 2015. Click over into the Archive on the Your D&D Stories website to see the D&D stories he’s drawn so far. If you’d love to have one of your D&D stories frozen in comic form, click on Submit on the Your D&D Stories website and fill out the form to let Stuart know about it. He advises to keep your story to one paragraph, and that you focus on telling the very best part of it, clearly and concisely. After you submit it, and if Stuart selects it, you’ll see the comic appear on the website.

Stuart hopes to fashion Your D&D Stories into his primary career, and to help do that, he has set up a simple 3-tier rewards plan on the Your D&D Stories Patreon page, with patrons receiving special benefits like behind-the-scenes access to a livestream of drawing sessions (with the possibility of guest appearances from talented individuals in the New York cartoonist community), illustrations based on ideas and stories submitted by supporters, high-quality prints, and surprise swag showing up in their mail.

Even at the lowest tier level, patrons will be able to submit a single sentence out-of-context quote from a memorable session and have Stuart turn it turned into an amazing cartoon for the  @yourDNDstories Twitter account.

Think about those sublime moments when your D&D character faced some terrible encounter, and your nat20 roll was the thing that saved your party from a TPK. Or all those times your party hatched some absolutely crazy plan that actually worked. Or maybe it didn’t. Those are the moments you want to remember, and with more flair than you can muster with words. Submit those tales to Your D&D Stories, and have their legends secured in comic print for all time!

Which one of Your D&D Stories do you want recreated in comic form? Share them with us in the comments.

Image Credits: Andy Stuart

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