Weird Al and More Celebs Join The Postal Service’s Call to Vote

The Postal Service (the band) really wants you to vote in this year’s election. But just in case Ben Gibbard, Jenny Lewis, and Jimmy Tamborello aren’t enough to convince you to get your ballots in on time, some other celebrities are here to help. A few famous faces “auditioned” for the group on Zoom. It was a virtual gathering to make sure your voice is heard on November 3. But by “a few” we mean “a whole freaking lot.” It was a massive online meeting that included Weird Al, Anne Hathaway, Patton Oswalt, Huey Lewis, and many, many more.

In what may be the weirdest, most fun get-out-the-vote campaign of 2020.

Tom Scharlping wrote and directed this 18-minute video as part of HeadCount’s “ Make Your Vote Count” initiative. It stars Jon Daly as “Dave from Sub Pop.” He set up auditions for the band ahead of his planned tour to get people to the polls (or to mail in their ballots safely). Obviously that is definitely not happening any time soon. But since a very important election is just weeks away, lots of celebs had tips on how to make sure your vote counts.

The video includes appearances from: Anne Hathaway, Kenny G, Weird Al Yankovic, Slash, Duff McKagan, Rick Springfield, Huey Lewis, Tim Robinson, Bret McKenzie, IRLrosie, Vanessa Bayer, Susanna Hoffs, Patton Oswalt, Aparna Nancherla, Caroline Polachek, Michelle Zauner, Tunde Adebimpe, Ishmael Butler, Jon Wurster, Big Freedia, J Mascis, Ben Jaffe, Walter Harris, Ronnell Johnson, Kim Thayil, and Joe Wong.

Weird Al and More Celebs Join The Postal Service's Call To Vote_1Sub Pop

There are some truly incredible cameos and performances here. One of our favorite’s was the manic appearance from I Think You Should Leave‘s Tim Robinson. We also loved Flight of the Conchord’s Bret McKenzie busting out an American accent. And seeing Weird Al be serious is the easiest way to make us take anything serious.

Also, please, just let Rick Springfield in the band. He really seems to need this.

Weird Al and More Celebs Join The Postal Service's Call To Vote_2Sub Pop

This video is a callback to one the band did in 2013 to promote their LP Give Up. So this is also doubles as a fun reference for diehard fans of The Postal Service. And if the election goes well and we can get the country back on track, maybe some day we can see them live again. Hopefully with all of these celebs who “auditioned.”

Featured Image: Sub Pop

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