This Pikachu Engagement Ring Is Unintentionally Sexy

Want to catch the one? Well, this Pokémon engagement ring will definitely be a conversation starter. You see, it’s gorgeous, but it’s also a little NSFW. Still, it might be perfect if you and your significant other are Pokémon fanatics. The Pikachu inspired engagement ring does have it all. We learned about the ring from Kotaku, via LAD Bible. It’s available in either 18K gold or platinum settings with 0.3ct diamond in the center, which is a very tasteful description. Very elegant.

Every ring comes with a pretty straightforward Pikachu head emblem with “I choose you” engraved into the band. So far, so good, right? To complete the package, every ring comes with a Pokébox to set the ring in. This engagement ring is starting to sound like the perfect choice for Pokémon lovebirds. But wait, what about Pikachu’s ears? You can’t forget about the recognizable ears! This ring definitely doesn’t.

Pikachu engagement ring with ears

Ginza Tanaka

Well, that’s where the ring gets a little NSFW. The two prongs sticking out from the top of the ring are clearly supposed to represent the famous Pokémon’s ears. However, Pikachu’s ears take a turn here. They look very… what’s the word? Phallic? Yep, phallic. Once you see it, you can’t unsee it.

Pikachu gold and silver engagement rings

Ginza Tanaka

The Pokémon Company partnered with Tokyo jeweler Ginza Tanaka to create this line of engagement rings inspired by Pikachu. This particular ring, however, turned out a tad more adult than they were probably going for. This isn’t the first time Tanaka has created jewelry for Pokémon  you can see her other designs here. If this flashy ring isn’t your style, The Pokémon Company has several other options that are a little more, let’s say, subtle. Including the one below.

Pikachu engagement rings

Ginza Tanaka

If the “ears” don’t bother you, then this beauty can be yours for $3,200 USD. It’s a steep price, but when there’s Pokémon-themed love on the line, it might just be worth it.

Featured Image: The Pokémon Company

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