POKÉMON HOME’s New Professor Oak Looks Nuts

Pokémon Home is a blessing for gamers. The cloud-based system compatible with Nintendo Switch allows players to connect with all the different Pokémon games so they can store their various collected Pokémon in one place. Pretty dang convenient, huh? It’s a treat for hardcore Pokémon trainers who don’t want to skip between games to take advantage of their prized catches.

The service, currently available on the Nintendo Switch eShop, also has another fun thing in store for Pokémon fans: a new version of Professor Oak. Known for his expertise on all things Pokémon, this researcher was once a competitive trainer who now lives and works in a research lab in Pallet Town.

This version of the professor looks quite different from previous depictions. The once prim and trimmed professor now sports a long mane of white hair and a pair of neon-green glasses that resemble arrows pointing in opposite directions. His name is Grand Oak, which means he’s more of a variation on the same character than a total reimagining, sort of like Samson Oak from Pokémon Sun and Moon. (Remember that Pokémon games exist across timelines and dimensions.)

Here’s a closer look at Grand Oak’s introduction on Pokémon Home.

Naturally, fans have a lot to say about this updated Professor Oak character, namely that it looks like the old guy is having a bit of a midlife crisis.

Others are wondering if Grand Oak is some kind of god in the Pokémon universe.

Others are just having a grand ol’ time ripping on the character’s new look because… well, his design sort of calls for that exact sort of reaction.

Grand Oak is one of the many exciting things about Pokémon Home, including the free Pikachu the system gifts you with on console, the expansion of the Pokédex, and more. It’s available for free on iOS and Android, and premium plans are also an option.

Featured Image: The Pokémon Company

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