Taiwanese Grandpa Plays POKÉMON GO With 11 Bike-Mounted Phones

If you thought Pokémon GO died with the summer of 2016, think again. The game is still introducing new features all the time, like new Pokémon, new quests, and even the game’s own version of shiny Pokémon. All of these additions to the game have kept tons of players interested, but especially one older gentleman from Taiwan, a 69-year-old named Chen San-yuan, who is so obsessed with the game that he rides around on his bike and plays with 11 phones at once (via Vice).

In the video above, Chen has made his bike very specialized for playing the game, with nine phones attached to his handlebars so he can swipe Pokéballs the minute he comes across a wild Pokémon. Since this video was filmed, though, Chen has upgraded to eleven phones. “Uncle Pokémon,” as he has become known, says he spends $1,250 per month playing the game, and while that may sound extraneous, Chen seems to think his habit is pretty good for him: “There’s a lot of fun. I can connect with people, prevent Alzheimer’s disease.”

If Chen is having fun, keeping himself healthy, and is able to afford it, then $1,250 sounds pretty justifiable to me. Just don’t let Professor Oak tell him that this isn’t the time to use his bike, because the world needs Chen to catch ’em all.

How much Pokémon GO were you playing at your peak? Anything close to the hours Chen is putting in? Share your stories down in the comments!

Featured image: YouTube/ EXP.GG TW

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