POKÉMON GO to Let You Participate in Raids at Home

Pokémon Go became a huge sensation a few years back. Pokémon Go is unlike other popular mobile games in that it actually encourages one to go outside, walk around in the world, and socialize with other human beings. But, thanks to the current global COVID-19 pandemic, we can’t do a lot of things the way we once did—like gathering in public spaces to try to catch ’em all or claim a gym. But that doesn’t mean that Pokémon Go isn’t adapting itself for the times we live in. We’ve already shared how the mobile game has added new features to make playing from home more fun, but now there’s more.

Via Kotaku, Pokémon Go developer Niantic is currently developing additions to the game that will allow it to evolve and thrive in our current situation. Like joining raids from home.

Pokemon in Pokemon Go

Niantic / The Pokémon Company

In a blog post, Niantic wrote “We are adding to our product roadmap so we can enable more ways to play inside and around the home in the coming days and weeks, when the world needs it most.” Pokémon Go will soon be able to track the steps you take with its Adventure Sync feature while you are confined indoors. Things like running on the treadmill or even cleaning your kitchen floor will count. Another new feature will allow players to complete raid battles with their friends without ever stepping foot outside. Just as long as players still have the Poké Balls that is.

They’re re-imagining what Pokémon Go Fest, what would have been a live event, look like as well. They’re working “towards bringing the excitement directly to your home. That means we’re working on an entirely new way to enjoy Pokémon GO Fest.”

Niantic will add an “Explore” feature, too. They say the feature “can help players virtually visit and share memories about their favorite real-world places, until they can once again visit them in person.” This would be particularly helpful to everyone’s mental health these days. Niantic hasn’t given an exact date as to when any of these new features will go live, but we expect the company to start rolling them out within the next few weeks.

Featured Image: Niantic

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