Bring Fandom to the Office With These Pokémon Dress Shirts

One of the perks of adulthood is finding clever ways to sneak fandom into your everyday attire. Whether it’s a Star Wars t-shirt under a blazer or Marvel pajama pants at bed time, growing up doesn’t mean tucking the nerdy things you love into bed.

That’s why we’re really excited about these Pokémon Shirts button-ups from Japanese menswear company Original Stitch. Check out these amazing patterned dress shirts, perfect for a subtle hint of geekery that’s still totally office-appropriate. 



This teal Bulbasaur shirt is one of the many options available. In fact, Original Stitch can custom make a shirt from any of the 151 original Pokémon. And the customization doesn’t just end with your choice of character. Paying customers can also pick how the pattern is utilized. For instance, the entire shirt can feature the patterned design, or it can be relegated to specific parts of the shirt, like the cuffs or collar. 

The option is even available to only have the patterns inside of the cuffs, for a more subtle effect only obvious when you roll up your sleeves. Original Stitch will also let you pair up different combinations of Pokémon, so you can feature all of your favorites, from Pikachu to Eevee to Jigglypuff

Though Original Stitch won’t start taking custom orders until late February, they are offering some pre-made versions as a pre-sale promotion on their website, featuring characters like Squirtle, Vulpix, Slowpoke, and more for 10,000 yen (or, $90). You can learn more about Pokémon Shirts on the official website.

Images: Pokémon Shirts

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