There’s a New Whipped Cream Pokémon and Everybody Loves Her

It wasn’t that long ago that we were introduced to an adorable new Pokémon named Yamper, who was based on Corgi. Yamper got the internet in a tizzy of joy, producing many a meme. Who can resist the level of cute that results from a Corgi/Pokémon mix?! But now Nintendo is ready to outdo themselves in the cuteness factor with the latest Pokémon character reveal for their upcoming game,Pokémon Sword and Shield. Everyone, say hello to Alcremie. She’s an all-new critter that answers the question, “What happens when you cross Strawberry Shortcake with Pokémon?”

According to Nintendo’s official tweet, the fairy-type Alcremie is a “Cream Pokémon,” and uses whipped cream to make delicious desserts. And the happier Alcremie becomes, the richer the whipped cream. (We think this is the most useful Pokémon ability ever.) When she comes under attack, Alcremie “throws a sweet-scented cream to blind or distract the opponent.” I can testify that throwing sugary sweets my way always works as a distraction tactic. Needless to say, fans are stoked for the arrival of Alcremie.

And it didn’t take long for the more artistically inclined fans on the internet to start showing their excitement for Alcremie, as many have already whipped up (see what I did there?) lots of amazing art. You can check out some of our faves down below, all which should whet your appetite for this delectable new Pokemon’s imminent arrival.

Images: Nintendo

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