POCKET MORTYS Will Get Updates for Every RICK AND MORTY Season 3 Episode

As even semi-dedicated Rick and Morty fans know by now—after months and months of waiting for word about the show’s third season—we have hit a new golden age for Rick and Morty stuff. There’s a special merch truck driving around the country. There’s a virtual reality game. There’s a premiere date and trailer. And of course, there was the early Season 3 premiere. Now it turns out that as the third season of the show evolves, Pocket Mortys, the Rick and Morty mobile game that’s basically Pokémon, is going to grow right alongside it.

Multiplayer features were introduced today, and as the third season gets underway (on July 30), weekly updates will be rolled out to coincide with the new episodes, although the first of them will be available on July 23.  Every week, new avatars will become available for players to collect, some of which include Commander Rick, Judge Morty, Summer, Tinkles, Scary Terry, and most excitingly for me personally, Ants in My Eyes Johnson.

Also, in case you missed it, it was also recently announced that Pocket Mortys is getting its own comic book (the first issue actually just went on sale today), so the world of battling Mortys is really coming into its own.

While waiting for the new Pocket Mortys updates to roll out, revisit our review of the game when it originally came out here, and let us know in the comments below which avatars you’d most like to see included in the game.

Featured image: Adult Swim

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