These Pikachu Earbuds Come In A Chargeable Poké Ball

There are plenty of creative cordless earbuds on the market, a surefire way to make sure you won’t lose your favorite sound device. Because let’s face it: cordless earbuds are peskily tiny and we’re constantly worried about one slipping out and going lost forever. But if we had these new Pokémon-branded earbuds from Razer, we’d be extra careful to keep them by our side at all time. And it’d be especially easy considering the carrying and charging device that comes with it.

That’s because Razer’s Pikachu earbuds come in a portable Poké ball that doubles as a charger for little yellow headphones. The Pokémon Company recently teamed with the electronics company to sell officially licensed Pokémon merchandise in China, and this new collaboration might be our favorite output yet.

Take a look at this awesome recreation of a Poké ball, that lights up to indicate battery charge. You can live out your Pokémon Master dreams and keep your headphones loaded up with power all at once.

Pokémon headphones from Razer on top of a furry Pikachu backdrop.Razer

According to Nintendo Soup, the earbuds come equipped with a 13mm driver unit that provides high-quality and low base music. They’re also water resistant, voice assistance compatible, and support noise cancellation. On a single charge, the device will last upwards of three hours, and Poké ball itself can charge the earbuds five times before needing a reboot itself. That’s about 15 hours total of wireless listening.

Unfortunately, these probably aren’t coming stateside any time soon, but you can order from China when they go on sale on April 16, 2020.

Featured Image: Razer

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