Pianist Recreates Video Game Console Startup Sounds

Nothing triggers memories quite like sounds do. A couple of bars from a popular song from your childhood can take you right back to being a little kid, just like a few notes from a different song can take you back to your high school prom. But in the modern world, we live in a time when the sounds of our youth aren’t just music on the radio. They’re the little jingles that accompanied the start of every video game console that ever was.

hands playing a piano

Bored Piano/YouTube

And now, one musician and YouTuber going by the name of “ Bored Piano” has decided to recreate as many of these as possible on their piano. Hey, we all need new ways to entertain ourselves during quarantine. Why not do this? You can take a listen to them all in the video down below:

Anyone who grew up with these consoles can tell you these start-up sounds are pretty darn spot-on. Our pianist in question starts out with the old Nintendo GameBoy noise, then continues with start up sounds ranging from the Playstation 1, to the epic THX-esque sounds of the Sega Saturn, to finally more recent stuff like the Nintendo Switch. Listening to all of these in a row should give any longtime gamer all the nostalgic feels and then some. It’s also just a great background music during a work day.

Bored Piano also uploaded a similar video where they recreate computer sounds with incredible accuracy. And this one should bring a flood of memories to even non-gamers. In the video above, practically all the Windows startup sounds from over the past several years are mimicked perfectly. These aren’t all in chronological order, mind you, but nevertheless, it’s still a ride down memory lane for pretty much anyone who has ever owned a computer.

Featured Image: Bored Piano / YouTube

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