Pepsi and Retrospekt Partner on Old-School Polaroid Camera

Pepsi recently went old school with a new line of retro soda shop flavors. Now the cola company is pulling from the well of nostalgia yet again. But this time for a different kind of treat. Pepsi has partnered with Polaroid for a vintage instant film camera.

A front-facing shot of Polaroid's Blue Pepsi Instant Film Camera

Retrospekt calls its new Polaroid 600 Pepsi Camera (which we first came across at DesignTAXI) the “coolest, crispest, most refreshing Polaroid camera yet.” This isn’t just a modern camera with a retro look, though. This is made out of old parts and is based on the camera’s original design. From Retrospekt:

“Did this just drop out of your mid-’90s Pepsi Stuff catalog? It may as well have. Built using refurbished internal components—sourced directly from vintage Polaroid instant cameras made in the 1980s and ‘90s – and wrapped in a freshly molded blue exterior designed to the exact same specifications as the original Polaroid 600 camera bodies, the Polaroid 600 Pepsi camera features a brand new design that celebrates the joy of Pepsi’s iconic branding from years past. You gotta have it!”
An angled shot of Polaroid's Blue Pepsi Instant Film Camera

Even this partnership is a throwback. “Believe it or not, this isn’t Pepsi’s first time in the instant film spotlight,” said Michael Kempen, Restrospekt Creative Director, in a statement. “In the 1980s, Polaroid produced a limited number of cameras that made use of the then-current Pepsi branding. As the years go by, they’re becoming increasingly difficult to find — but demand is still high.” That demand is in part responsible for this new old-school version.

The camera itself costs $160. But you’ll need to buy Polaroid 600 film separately to actually get your instant pictures.

Two Pepsi Polaroid Instant Film Cameras facing one another, a black one and a blue one

Anyone too young to know know what a Polaroid camera is has no idea what we’re talking about, right? Think of a Polaroid camera like an analog digital camera. Only in exchange for waiting a minute to see your picture you got a physical copy. One you could hold and then put in a photo album, desk drawer, locker, or on a mirror.

At least we don’t have to explain what Pepsi is. The company has been around for more than 100 years. No wonder it keeps getting nostalgic for the 20th century.

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