Pepsi Apple Pie Serves Up a Slice of Strange Soda Sweetness

For many, the holiday season is all about family and friends. Others view this time as one of giving, charity, and goodwill towards all mankind. But I’m really just here for the desserts. Look, that other stuff is great. Truly. I just really like food, and the end of the calendar marks the best time for sweet treats. And this year will feature an extra weird sugary delight. Nobody will be eating it, though; they’ll be drinking it. Pepsi is giving away a new Apple Pie soda.

And it somehow sounds both super strange and strangely delicious.

Pepsi has announced a new product (which we first heard about at Delish) inspired by one of the season’s most popular desserts. Designed for people who can’t bake (or don’t want to), the new, special Pepsi Apple Pie blend features “hints of warm cinnamon, buttery crust, and fresh apple,” all distilled into a bottle of cola. That might seem like a weird combo, but soda is basically just liquid sugar anyway. How bad can liquid pie taste?

I know I’d love to find out. Unfortunately, Pepsi Apple Pie won’t be coming to store shelves. And to nab some, you’re going to have to publicly own up to your culinary disasters.

Pepsi Apple Pie Serves Up a Slice of Strange Soda Sweetness_1Pepsi

Fans who want to win a two-liter bottle will have to post a photo or video of their baking fails with the hashtag #PepsiApplePieChallenge to Pepsi’s Twitter or TikTok accounts. You also have to be following Pepsi to participate in this free giveaway. And don’t delay. Only the first 1,500 failed bakers to enter will have a chance to snag a bottle.

I hope you do win, my new, dear, dear friend. And then I hope you will remember that you think charity is the most important part of the holiday season, all while remembering how much I love sweet treats.

Featured Image: Pepsi

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