Pennywise Umbrella That “Drips Blood” Will Freak Your Friends Out

We’ve seen some pretty cool horror themed merchandise these past few years. Anyone remember the zombie brains cookie jar? But we think this one takes the cake. Thanks to the horror hounds over at Bloody-Disgusting, we’ve learned about a new piece of merch featuring Pennywise the Clown from Stephen King’s IT. And it is an item that is sure to freak out everyone who sees you walking down the street with it on a rainy day.

Fans of Derry’s most famous sewer-dwelling entity can now purchase this officially licensed IT umbrella from the folks at  Merchoid. This wonderfully horrific  umbrella comes with  “liquid reactive” technology, which allows for the images on the umbrella to literally change when water falls onto it. You can check out images of this disturbing new item down below.

Pennywise Umbrella That “Drips Blood” Will Freak Your Friends Out_1

Bill Skarsgard’s iteration of Pennywise from the 2017 film version of IT is featured giving his wicked grin on the umbrella (sorry, Tim Curry fans). When the rain water hits the material the umbrella is made out of, things get downright bloody. Pennywise’s  nose, lips, and eye makeup begin to turn blood red. But the part that is sure to get you the most attention is that the rain water also creates “streaks of blood” on the umbrella, so it looks like you are caught in a torrential downpour of apocalyptic proportions. Don’t use this one in front of grandma, you might freak her out.

Pennywise Umbrella That “Drips Blood” Will Freak Your Friends Out_2

The Pennywise umbrellas are now available for  pre-order from Merchoid at the price of $22.99. They are expected to ship in June 2019. So hopefully, if it happens to be raining the day IT: Chapter Two hits movie theaters, you’ll be adequately prepared. Just don’t forget your yellow Georgie-style rain coat, and maybe a sail boat to go with it. Always come prepared.

Images: Merchoid / Warner Bros.

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