THINKGEEK Offers Great Spooky Merch Just in Time for Halloween

Halloween is fast approaching, so there’s no time to waste if you want to add some amazing new spooky season items to your holiday display, or just buy some Halloween-themed merch to show off all year round. Our friends at ThinkGeek have a ton of fun goodies for sale this year, including some unique décor, like brain specimen coasters, a zombie cookie jar, or maybe even that matching zombie bowl. Other fun eerie items include a set of Illuminated Tarot Cards, a Book of Morbid Curiosities, a Jack Skellington watch, and maybe coolest of all, a Trivial Pursuit horror-movies themed edition.If a last minute Halloween costume is what you need, then ThinkGeek has got several costumes from your favorite pop culture franchises, like Harry Potter, Firefly, Star Trek and many, many more. There’s a selection of so-called “Easy Costumes” which are basically onesies, rompers and sweatshirts for all of you last-minute folks who still don’t have an outfit for this year, and who don’t mind having to walk around wearing a jumper all night (you know who you are). They even have a pair of zombie slippers for maximum coziness.Right now, ThinkGeek is offering 50% off all Halloween merch AND guaranteed delivery by Halloween if you order by 12pm EST on Monday, 10/22. To see more images of all of this season’s cool new swag, check out our gallery down below, and to see the complete ThinkGeek Halloween catalog, be sure to click on this link.Which of these fun new Halloween season items catches your eye the most? Be sure to let us know down below in the comments.

Images: Think Geek


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