Penguins Visiting Other Animals in Aquarium is Amazing

There are no silver linings during a global pandemic, but there are bright spots that help us get through the darkest times. Sometimes they are kind acts that make us feel better about each other. Other times they are moments of levity that ease the tension we are all feeling. And sometimes they are penguins roaming around their closed aquarium checking out the other exhibits. That last one’s definitely our favorite, after the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago shared some amazing videos of their penguins visiting fellow animals.

The Shedd Aquarium is closed for at least two weeks due to coronavirus. But their animals still need to maintain a normal routine, which includes having new experiences. For their rockhopper penguins, that has meant walking around the rest of the aquarium and seeing some of their brethren. The resulting videos are absolutely wonderful to watch. They waddle around like curious visitors who are having the vacation of a lifetime.

Don’t worry about the penguins’ safety (or the safety of any fish they might try to eat). Their tiny romps through the aquarium are completely supervised by the staff. This is a chaperoned penguin field trip to the aquarium. It’s also a kind of date for the bonded pair of penguins named Annie and Edward.

In the words of Barney Gumble, “Just hook it to my veins!”

We only have one potential issue with these walking tours: they should never end. The penguins should continue to get free reign of the aquarium even after it reopens. We’re not suggesting the penguins walk around while human visitors are there. But maybe after hours, or on days the aquarium, they can get to visit their animal friends.

Even during the best of times we always need cute penguin videos to brighten up our day.

Featured Image: Shedd Aquarium

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