Nicolas Cage’s Return to Talk Shows Is a Chaotic Delight

Nic Cage is back… to doing talk show appearances again. Despite being by far one of the most interesting people in Hollywood and a very prolific actor, he hadn’t done a talk show interview in 14 years. That’s pretty wild. If ever there were a chaotically good person who is guaranteed to give a host a good time (and a few viral moments), it would be him. Thankfully, Nicolas Cage broke that streak with a Jimmy Kimmel Live! appearance recently. And, dear reader, it is a tragically short appearance that’s worth watching. 

He comes out to a lot of applause with a shiny gray suit on and great energy. And from that moment on, he’s a pure delight. Nicolas Cage talks about quite a few things with Jimmy Kimmel, including living in Las Vegas, his pet crow, his film The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent, and the many weird rumors about him.

photo of Nicolas Cage wearing a shiny grey suit on Jimmy Kimmel Live
Jimmy Kimmel Live!

The latter is absolutely hilarious. No, he did not buy an actual bat cave. But he admits he did want to buy it so he could hang out in it naked with his then-wife while they sipped alcohol. Yes, a mime did stalk Nic Cage. And he did stay in Dracula’s castle for a night. Kimmel’s pure delight and the audience’s love for Cage really seal the deal. 

While all of this may seem quite chaotic in the best way, Nic Cage has certainly toned it down over the years. Who can forget his infamous appearance on the UK talk show Wogan in 1990? He comes out wearing all black, doing a front roll of some sort along with a few kicks, and throws a lil money at the audience. A truly iconic moment, if you ask me. And here he is over 30 years later still being one of the coolest dudes in existence.

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