Peacock Will Raise Subscription Prices in August, First Price Increase for Streamer

Sooner or later, it will inevitably happen… A streamer will raise its prices. We’ve seen Netflix price hikes, Max price hikes, Disney+ price hikes, and even YouTube TV recently increased its already pricey cost. And now, NBCUniversal’s streaming platform will join these ranks. This summer, Peacock will see its first increase in subscription prices. Peacock has only been around since 2020, so this is the first time its price has gone up in its short history—but unfortunately, this increase in subscription cost will impact all of Peacock’s tiers. The Peacock price hike will hit users in August—so let’s find out just what’s in store.

How Much Will Users Pay After Peacock’s Price Increase? Which Tiers Are Affected?

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Currently, Peacock has two tiers available to subscribers, Premium (with ads) and Premium Plus (no ads, with a few exceptions). Both (or all) of Peacock’s subscription tiers will be affected by the upcoming price increase. Peacock Premium will see an increase in cost of one dollar per month, bringing it up to $5.99. Meanwhile, Peacock Premium Plus’ price will increase by two dollars per month, bringing it up to $11.99. For those who have annual Peacock subscriptions, there is no word yet on whether annual costs will also rise.

Per Variety, NBCUniversal notes that the Peacock price increase will allow it to “invest in content and the user experience while remaining competitive in the marketplace.” Of course, the question is, as more streamers increase their prices, will consumers be able to continue to afford subscriptions to all of them? Only time will tell.

When Will Peacock’s Price Hike Start?

The Peacock price increase will become effective on August 17 for those who are already subscribed to Peacock and will hit at the start of their next billing cycle after that date. For new users, the new cost is effective immediately.

Does Peacock Have a Free Option Any Longer?

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Those reading about the increases in Peacock’s price might recall that at one point Peacock had a free option. At its launch, Peacock did offer users the option to watch its contents for free. However, the free ad-supported version of Peacock ended in January of 2023. Now, users must choose between Peacock’s two paid tiers and hope prices don’t rise once more.

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