YOUTUBE TV Subscription Cost Increases to $72.99—Basically, It’s Cable

Streaming disruption seemed ideal at first. Cheap and quick access to everyone’s favorite shows… What could be better? But as the number of streamers in the landscape grows and their costs continue to increase, the naysayers’ warnings seem to be coming to pass. Basically, streaming and cable are just not that different anymore, at least cost-wise. Easily, one of the most expensive digital options out there is YouTube TV, and now the price has increased even more. YouTube TV has raised its subscription cost by $8 (from $64.99/month) to approximately $73/month. That’s around a 12% increase in cost.

YouTube TV is increasing costs
YouTube TV

To offset this price increase, YouTube TV will decrease its 4K Plus add-on cost from $19.99/month to $9.99/month. But the add-on is not available for all channels. According to The Verge, when YouTube TV first launched in 2017, it cost $35/month. And now that price has more than doubled. YouTube TV has added more channels over time to balance the increases, but it is still a hefty price to pay.

Meanwhile, Hulu’s ad-supported offering with Live TV (and Disney+ and ESPN+) comes in at $69.99/month. It’s not much cheaper. But these days, you may as well save where you can.

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