Paul Bettany’s Kids Dubbed Him the ‘Worst Avenger’

Paul Bettany’s ride to the MCU is really fun in my opinion. First, he was JARVIS, Tony Stark’s AI. He took on the voice-only role at the behest of Iron Man director, Jon Favreau—and Bettany’s Wimbledon co-star. But during his fifth outing as JARVIS, Avengers: Age of Ultron, the AI merged with a synthetic body, thus birthing Vision. So, really, Bettany is one of the longest-running MCU stars. And his most recent outing, the Disney+ series WandaVision, was pretty well-received by fans and critics. It even earned Bettany an Emmy nomination. This is all pretty cool, if you ask me. But Bettany’s kids certainly have a lot of fun trolling their father over his Avengers status. During a recent visit to Late Night with Seth Meyers, Bettany revealed they called him the “worst Avenger.” They did so using Disney+ no less.

He shared that he stumbled into some Vision slander when venturing on to Disney+ to watch the latest MCU series, Moon Knight. And only when he moved to select his profile—which is, of course, the Vision icon—did he notice something amiss. His kids’ changed the profile name to “Worst Avenger” which is a supremely tough break for Vision. Obviously, his kids haven’t seen the memes about Hawkeye. But kids are brutal and you have to respect the hustle.

Paul Bettany and Seth Meyers, holding a photo of a Disney+ account calling Vision the Worst Avenger on Late Night
Late Night with Seth Meyers

He did pre-empt his “Vision is the ‘Worst Avenger'” story by indicating that his kids do think it’s cool he’s in the MCU—but enjoy torturing him by selecting all the other characters as their favorite. And with the MCU growing all the time, there are quite a bit of characters to cycle through before finally landing on Vision.

Bettany also talked to Meyers about making WandaVision, which launched the MCU on Disney+. But it wasn’t supposed to go first. So as Bettany tells it, the cast had a great time making it—seeing themselves as a more niche follow-up series—only to “sh*t themselves” when it bowed first. It’s always fun to hear the WandaVision cast talk about how much fun it was to make the series. It certainly holds a soft spot in my classic sitcom-loving heart. And for what it’s worth I don’t think Vision is the worst Avenger. There are certainly worse in the mix.

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