PAPER GIRLS Reveals First Photos and Release Date

It’s time to ride out for a time traveling adventure. We’ve known that Brian K. Vaughan and Cliff Chiang’s popular comic Paper Girls was becoming a Prime Video TV show for quite some time. Fans of the comic have been waiting to see those four awesome girls—KJ, Mac, Tiffany, and Erin—take their twisted timeline adventures to live-action much like we’ve seen boys do again and again. A recent teaser gave us a quick introduction to them, capturing their personalities. Now we are getting even more glimpses into the world of Stony Stream…in many ways. Paper Girls just gave us some cool first-look photos and a release date of July 29. 

four girls standing and looking at pinkish blue sky in paper girls show
Prime Video

The photos show several shots of the girls, including one that presumably takes place around dawn. That might be in reference to that fateful morning in the comics… or perhaps Stony Stream in a different year. For those who aren’t familiar, the small town Ohio girls are out delivering papers the morning after Halloween in 1988. An encounter leads to them finding a time machine. It turns into an epic adventure in the midst of battles that they could not have foreseen. There’s a cool shot of the quartet on their bikes at night as well as one with Erin and Mac having a quiet moment. It can’t be so quiet with Mac around though.  We also see young Erin with the older version of herself, played by Ali Wong. And comic fans will know why there’s a photo with KJ missing.

Vaughan and Chiang spoke exclusively to Entertainment Weekly about the upcoming TV series. They are assisting the creators all the way, making sure there’s a balance between keeping the heart of the comics and providing something new for TV audiences. Vaughan promises that the show will take things to a new level and satisfy comic fans and newcomers to this world alike.  If you’ve never heard of Paper Girls, if you’re not familiar with this comic, then the show is still 100 percent accessible and I think you will love it,” said Vaughan. “But if you’re a hardcore fan of the comic, it’s still going to be extremely surprising to you. With our blessing, they go to some places that we never could as a comic and there are new characters, there are new threats.”

As a comic fan, I’m extremely excited to see what they adapt from the comics and what new foes the show can explore. Thankfully we don’t have to wait long for the Paper Girls TV show to make its way here. Tune in and don’t drop out.

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