Pandemic Strands Orchestra in Spooky German Castle

It sounds like the premise for an old Universal horror film from the 1930s. Imagine an ancient spooky castle, with a group of young people trapped inside. Not only is the castle likely haunted by a royal ghost, it’s also surrounded by roaming packs of wolves! While it might sound like an old Boris Karloff movie, according to BBC News (via Variety), it’s a real-life event that is still going on. These pandemic times we live in couldn’t get any weirder but for this particular group of people, they very much did.

These castle-quarantined folks are actually an orchestra group from Bolivia, who membership includes musicians as young as 17 years old. They traveled to Germany for a concert tour during the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. With the concerts and flights back home now cancelled, the musicians ended up quarantining at a 600 year old castle known as the Rheinsberg Palace. So far, they’ve been stuck there for 73 days and counting.

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YouTube / DW News

As if being so far from home and separated from friends and loved ones wasn’t enough, some of the musicians think the castle might be haunted by the ghost of Frederick the Great of Prussia. The monarch made the estate his home during the 18th century. The castle also has up to 12 packs of wolves roaming the outskirts of the property. One musician even encountered three wolves on a walk outside, but luckily, they were more interested in fighting with each other than messing with any humans.

The musicians are stuck quarantining in this mysterious German castle through at least early June, at which point they are hoping that they can go home. By that point, it will have been nearly three months since this whole ordeal began. But some of them should consider selling their story to Hollywood  (with a few embellishments here and there) because it would certainly make for a great horror movie some day.

Featured Image: Universal Pictures

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